A firm favourite of Victoria's, Cutie Pie is a very rare 29 inch super tiny, silver taffy leopard palouse miniature horse from our special friends Michelle and Barb Voysey of Tick-Tack Miniature Horse and Pony Stud in South Australia. Due to his rare colour and size combination, Cutie Pie finished out his breeding duties this past summer before joining the team recently. We are very excited to have such a great new addition. He is super friendly, always the first to come up to you in the paddock and follows you like a dog. LOVE HIM!!

Although a stallion Cutie Pie's wonderful kind and gentle nature makes him perfect for children and he is suitable as a lead pony for pony rides or parties for children 5 years and under. Cutie Pie unfortunately will be gelded as he is a "lover of the ladies" and gets very excited around Lollipop!